Workbench, Kits and Wooden Storage


To craft a workbench, combine the following items:

ItemWooden LogsPlanks

WorkBench is used to craft all of the BBP kits press K, key by default, with the BBP blueprint attached to the workbench to open the overly simple UI. Press K again to cycle through the pages.

Remember,the “RED” highlighted part of the hologram while placing, is the inside of the wall, gate, door.

This is very important!

BBP Kits

To craft any of the BBP kits, have the following materials :

Kit TypePlanksNailsSheet MetalConcrete Bricks
T1 Kits5500
T2 Kits0510
T3 Kits0001

Using the workbench UI, click the kit you want and it will spawn the kit on top of the workbench if the correct amount of materials are present. Make sure the blueprint is attached to open the workbench UI. Press the key to open the UI, K is default, to cycle through the 3 UI pages.

Building Storage

Building Storage1020

Holds 3 stacks of logs, 13 stacks of planks, and 13 stack of nails, plus some slots for cooking supplies.