Trolley Kart

A build it yourself go-kart made from junk found in the world and crafted into this fun machine. You must find his parts by looting trash (see this).


  • Capacity: 80 slots
  • Can attach: Teddy Bear, Plate Carrier Pouch, 2x Dry Sacks, Weapon slot
  • 1 seats

How to craft

  • Find trolley, seat, by looting trash.
  • Get a generator, wire and a wrench from traders.
  • Craft the generator with the wrench to make engine and fuel tank.
  • Attach seat, engine, fuel tank and wire to the trolley.
  • Craft the complete trolley junk pile with wrench into the base trolley Kart.
  • Find and attach wheels, battery sparkplug and headlights and have fun.