Solar Panel

How to use the Solar Panel

  1. Firstly, find a Solar Panel Kit.
  2. Place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight. It will not switch on if it’s covered.
  3. Attach wire to a Truck Battery, and attach that to the Solar Panel.
  4. Attach a Cable Reel or 4plug Socket to the Solar Panel.
  5. With the cable attached walk to your desired location and connect it to an electrical device of your choosing.
  6. Turn on both the electrical device of your choosing, and the Solar Panel.
  7. Enjoy the silent power.

TIP: You can connect multiple 4plug Sockets together for more devices and extended reach.

TIP: The Truck Battery will act as a catalyst to allow the Solar Panel to produce power while the sun is down.

TIP: You can turn off the Solar Panel to cut the power to all the electronics at once.