Snapping Tutorial

Workaround for the DayZ 1.07 snapping bug: Make sure you select ‘Snapping On’ before you start placing, to prevent all items snapping on the ground level.

  1. Most important step: Walk up to the object you want to snap to, and make sure the objects icon name pops up.
  2. With the objects icon still visible, Press B (make sure you have a BBP kit in your hand), then select the SnappingOn/Select button.
  3. Press the ESC key or Exit button to close the wheel.
  4. Left-click so you can see the hologram of the object, now press B again and click any of the snapping icons on the wheel to find the snapping point you’re looking for.
  5. You can click Lock Snapping to rotate the object into place using the mouse wheel.
  6. Place the object.


Basically, having lock snapping toggled ON, will place the object in the correct snapping orientation, no need to use the mouse wheel, for you lazy people! Turn the button back off if you wish to rotate the hologram.

If these steps are not clear, watch the video.

Advance rotation

  • Three buttons on the left side of the snapping wheel allow you to rotate the objects in roll, pitch and yaw.
  • Roll is the dayz default rotation.
  • Rotation won’t work while the snapping lock is toggled on.

Quick tips

  • All custom key bindings from BBP are toggleable in the key bindings menu.
  • Red side of the hologram is the inside, able to build, dismantle from this side.
  • More tips will come.

Short summary of how it works.

Each base-building object from BBP has “snapping points”. Snapping points in this mods definition are memory positions that are predefined and set specifically for each model. These points are used to position and lock the hologram of the kit in your hand. You can then rotate with the mouse wheel to correctly snap the hologram object to the base building object you want it snapped to.