How to flip vehicles

Table of Contents

Ever drove your vehicle so fast around a corner that it flipped? Or your vehicle launched so far into the sky your friends lost sight of you? Well when the vehicle finally decides to come down from the sky and roll over on it’s side or on it’s back, you can flip it over back on it’s wheels on your own with your handy dandy wrench! That’s right! No more having to setup camp next to your turtled vehicle, you can flip that lazy POS over and keep on cruisin’ down the roads of Chernarus! I chose the wrench to be the tool to flip vehicles since they’re no real use for them currently and they’re unrepairable by default, you can go forth from now on collecting wrenches and being the handy man you’ve always wanted to be!


  1. Aquire a wrench
  2. Aim wrench at the vehicle
  3. Commence the action of flipping