How it works

This is a good way to generate income by growing, producing and/or crafting cannabis products to sell.


Be aware of server rules, about the limits of crops. More info on Discord.

How to grow

  1. Use the Shovel to dig a crop on soil, or use a garden item
  2. Plant the seeds
  3. Water the patches where you have planted seeds. Plants will disappear after some time if they’re left unwatered.
  4. Wait 1 hour until the Cannabis is fully grown
  5. Harvest the plant, it will drop buds at your location.


  • CannabisBud + CannabisBud = CannabisBaggy
  • 16xCannabisBag + Duct Tape = CannabisBrick
  • RollingPapers + CannabisBud = Joint
  • RollingPapers + TobaccoLeaf = Cigarette
  • Joint + EmptyCigPack = Pack of Joints
  • Cigarette + EmptyCigPack = Pack of Cigarettes